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The FIRST and LAST item to purchase for your event!

FIRST things FIRST! Book your coordinator! Whether you are having the event in your home, at a venue or you are undecided.. a coordinator will help steer the way and discuss factors that you may not have considered!

Some of what to consider when picking your venue: event times and duration, guest count, theme, desired services and spacial logistics. There are always pros and cons to weigh and with your coordinator. We will help walk you though what both options entail for your event, so you can make informed decisions!

LAST! What is the last thing you should purchase for your event? A recent poll on our @escapepartyplanning instagram page showed that 63% of our audience voted FLOWERS as the last item you should purchase. WRONG! Our lovely event floral should be picked and purchased weeks before your event! The last item you should purchase is in-fact, alcohol!

Alcohol should be the last item you purchase before your event. Why? Whether we have arranged a mobile bartending service, or a self-serviced beverage bar, alcohol must be over-estimated to allow for variety. In addition, Alcohol consumption can be very difficult to predict even when with knowledge of your guests preferences.

We always recommend waiting until the WEEK-OF to purchase alcohol and to keep those receipts! Unopened bottles can then be returned within their return window following your event. Another expert tip that will save you in the end!

To learn more ways about how hiring an expert can actually save you money, check out Our recent blog, “Event Coordinators: How we SAVE you money!”

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Meg Sanchez

Owner & CEO | Escape Party Planning

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