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How much is it to hire an Event Planner?

Are you considering hiring help for your next event? We make it easy for you with our pricing guide! Every event is unique in what it needs to succeeds, this is why we create a personalized plan, just for you!

Below is a pricing list for the coordination of your event’s services! This includes all of the conceptualizing, creating, sourcing and coordinating of your event and it’s services. Please note, we require Event Coordination services be booked a minimum of 3 weeks prior to an event. We recommend booking 4-6 weeks in advance!

Whether or not you need assistance with the coordination of your event’s supplies and services, you may be looking for help the day-of! Below we outline pricing for our Event Assistants and Day-of Coordinators!

For more information on receiving a quote for your event, visit our blog ‘How do I get a Quote for my event?’ at

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