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Event Coordinators: How we SAVE you money!

Did know hiring an Event Coordinator will actually save you money?

1) Expertise:

Not only does hiring an experienced professional help you know where to put your money, but also who to put your money with!

Chances are, we have thrown an event just like yours before! We steer the ship in helping you understand where to put your event budget for the greatest impact! We also utilized our preferred vendors so we know you have reliable event services!

2) Coordinator Discounts:

Another way we save our clients money is by passing down our coordinator discounts! These are discounts offered to us by outside vendors that are otherwise unavailable to the public! At Escape Party Planning, we pass 100% of these savings onto you!

3) Flat-rate Pricing:

At Escape Party Planning, we utilize a flat-rate pricing strategy as opposed to a commission-based or mixed pricing strategy! Some coordinators ask for a commission on the event services they arrange for you, typically between 15-20% of those vendor costs! Not only are our coordinators encouraged to pursue the best deals, they are equally as importantly not incentivized to inflate the pricing of your event services!

BONUS: 4) Hiring an Event Coordinator will also save you money by saving you time!! While we are planning, you are doing anything but!

To learn more about hiring one of our Event Coordinators, Head to the bottom of our Homepage and complete the submission form. We look forward to serving your next event!

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