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2 Years in Business, or ‘2 Years in Busy-ness?’

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Two years in business, or is it ‘two years in busy-ness?’ It’s no secret that my story has gone like many others.. It started with a dream, obstacles presented themselves, and my success was measured by the extend in which I was able to adapt to the circumstances.

My life as a business owner these past 2 years have been has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. But I did not get on this ride alone! My community of loved ones have provided the inspiration, resources, advice and support that have been the foundational structure and backbone of Escape Party Planning.

A few people who deserve praise, thanks and recognition:

My mom for inspiring me to pursue Business as she herself took the leap of faith and created a childhood for me in which she was both prosperous and present.

My dad for answering numerous questions about taxes, vehicles and operations. I wouldn’t be anywhere without your knowledge and guidance.

My Aunt Yolanda and Uncle Tom, firstly for housing me during the internship in which my interest for event planning was first sparked. As well as the “been there before“ business mentorship, advice and perspectives.

To my family and friends who have worked long hours and did the heavy lifting when the business needed support.

Adriana, you are my favorite person to tell good news to, thank you for celebrating my victories with me. Thank you for reminding me to be proud of myself and recognizing when I‘m in need of a break!

Santiago, my love, thank you for your never-ending support. You have been a true warrior in the chaotic lifestyle of a business owner. From setting up events and staging inventory to cooking meals and doing laundry; you are my teammate in life - for life! You have been there since the beginning.. filling my cup until it overflows.

To the clients who have trusted us, the vendors who work with us, and the staff who keeps us going day-to-day, I thank you all for allowing me to actualize my dreams and further my journey as an entrepreneur. I will always aim to continue to make you all proud as we continue this journey!

Meg Sanchez

Owner & CEO | Escape Party Planning

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