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Escape Party Planning

Host at-Home with Ease​

Welcome to the world of unforgettable events! At Escape Party Planning, we specialize in transforming your residence into a beautiful and well-functioning event space for your special occasion. Let us handle the details while you enjoy a stress-free experience.

Escape Party Planning;
Host at-Home with Ease

From concept to clean-up, our full-service approach allows your event to be as beautiful as it is stress-free.

Event Coordination

Coordination of vendors in food, beverage, decor, entertainment, or photography industries.

Event Staffing

Our experienced team will host and service your event, as well as compete full set-up and takedown. 

Event Rentals

An inventory of rentals to ensure your event both looks stunning and function seamlessly!



I said, “I don’t want to answer the door, pour drinks or be distracted by taking things out of the oven. I want to enjoy myself by focusing on my guests. “Boom! Done! They made that happen and so much more. They conceptualized the theme around the colors and level of sophistication that I envisioned and collaborated on other party details with a high level of responsiveness. They steered the ship but were open to new ideas as well.”

Kris C | Escape Party Planning Client


Our Purpose

Escape Party Planning was born out of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, when gatherings were halted and connections felt distant. Our founder, Meg Sanchez, saw an opportunity to pivot from large-scale events to intimate, residential celebrations, creating moments of joy and togetherness when they were needed most.

Our mission is to bring people together, fostering meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences. We believe that every celebration, no matter the size, should be a seamless blend of creativity, precision, and heartfelt service. At Escape Party Planning, we are dedicated to crafting events that allow hosts and guests alike to fully immerse themselves in the magic of the moment, creating memories that last a lifetime.


”We told Megan that we will be largely hands off since my wife and I work full time, and she completely ran with it. Her team got all of the vendors together and even reduced the number of vendors to make it more compact and cheaper for us. She was incredibly responsive, and kept us up to date regularly on everything”


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Don't wait to create the event of your dreams. Contact us now to book your free consultation and start planning your perfect celebration!
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