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Are you looking to Escape Party Planning? You have come to the right place! Escape offers an all-inclusive party planning experience, specializing in Event Coordination, Staffing & Rentals for your residential events!


Have you ever hosted an event in your home, but you were so busy running the event that you didn’t get to fully be present with the people in it? Our company, Escape Party Planning, solves this problem! We are a full-service residential event planning company that allows our clients to remain completely hands off throughout the entire planning, hosting, and execution of their events!


Our mission is to create opportunities for meaningful connections, our all-inclusive approach allows us to do just that!


Event Coordination

You party, we plan! Our team of Event Coordinators will both assist you in coordinating all of your events supplies and services, as well as manage your vendors on the day-of your event!

 Event Staffing

From serving food and drinks to setting up and breaking down tables. Allow our event assistants to ensure your event runs smoothly so you can focus on enjoying the occasion!

Event Rentals

Tables, chairs, backdrops and decor! We offer a variety of event rentals catered to your residential event needs! We will ensure your event both looks stunning and functions seamlessly!



Kris R. | Escape Party Planning Client

“I said, “I don’t want to answer the door, pour drinks or be distracted by taking things out of the oven. I want to enjoy myself by focusing on my guests. “Boom! Done! They made that happen and so much more.” 

Leena A. | Escape Party Planning Client

“The creativity and the relentless execution is so spot on. They go above and beyond! I could brag for days on how they helped with multiple events but the most important event they helped us with was our wedding!”

Stacey M. | Escape Party Planning Client

“I love that they require a home visit during the consultation so they can have an accurate idea of how they can layout the whole design the best way possible.”


1. Consultation 

We offer a free a party consultation! This is our first step in understanding your event needs!

We will discuss your vision, desired services, and budget, as well as take photos and measurements of your event space!

2. Proposal

We will conceptualize and create a proposal just for you! This will include two parts, a Service Agreement and Design Plan.

A Design Plan is a visual representation of your event’s floor-plan and major design components!

3. Escape Party Planning!

You Party, We Plan. 

Escape Party Planning!

Are you ready to Escape Party Planning?

Click the link below to schedule a free consultation!

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